Antoinnette Chirinos

" When the roots are deep, there is no reason to fear the wind" - African Proverb

Born and raised in Peru, in a household where my Grandpa made home remedies with native herbs and fruits and my Grandma practiced energy healing, I have always been very intuitive. My intuitive connection has always allowed me to feel others' energy and have premonitions.  

It wasn’t until my Grandma left her physical body that my gifts grew stronger. She has always guided me on to the right path.

As my gifts and questions continued to grow, I began my journey with a Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Program and I became more spiritually connected. It wasn’t until I completed my Sacred Plant Medicine-Holistic Healing Apprenticeship that I felt completely my true self.

Nourishment of the body through the spirit of the plants and the connection with Mother Earth is a humbling experience that has brought me back into balance.

I dedicate my work to my grandparents; my grandma who used do "limpias" to me with Florida water and prayers, whose heart was so full of compassion that she would share whatever she had, even if what she had was very little.  Also to my grandpa; the one who carried a book about plant medicine with him at all times, the one who woke me up just to smell a newly blossomed rose and taught me how to talk to the commune with the plants.