Antoinnette Chirinos

" When the roots are deep, there is no reason to fear the wind" - African Proverb

Goddess of Avalon
All Herbal Magick made in Sacred Space and charged with the energy of the moon, with prayers to the spirit of the plants.


Good for those stressful times or just before meditation.

Fresh Lavender, White Sage, Frankincense & Myrrh.

Lavender EO & Selenite Crystals.

Great for those stressful          times  or just simply to cool you down.


Raise your vibration to the highest vibration, LOVE.

Green Kyanite Crystals, Rose Buds, Rosemary, Ylang-Ylang and Neroli.


Protection, restore, strengthen.

Tourmaline crystals, basil, rosemary, frankincense and lavender.

Palo Santo Spray

Spiritual remedy for cleansing your home and  body.

Also works well as a mosquito repellent.

Happy Girls

Breast Oil

Violet infused evo, calendula & lavender.

Violet is known for reducing soreness in fibrocystic breasts.  

Calendula is knows as an 


Palo Santo & Clear Quartz Body Oil

Raise your vibration & shield your aura. Let the magick of Mother Earth nourish your skin.

Clear Quartz, Calendula Flowers, Apricot Oil & Palo Santo Essential Oil

Sacred Bath Salts

Rose Petals, Lavender & Himalayan Salt.

Roses are known for attracting love, good fortune, healing and protection. Lavender restores balance and brings peace.

Palo Santo Smudge Kit

Raise your vibration & get rid of what no longer serves you.

Abalone shell, white sage, palo santo stick, selenite crystal & palo santo spray (made under the energy of the full moon, with crystals & frankincense)

Detox Blend

Great kidney and adrenal ally. Nourishment for nervous system, chakras & subtle bodies.

Magick Blend

Perfect blend for stressful times & sleepless nights.

Facilitates meditation & relaxation.


Balance your fire, third chakra ally. Great blend for our digestive system.

Upper Chakras Activation Oil

Fresh Mugwort, White Sage & Lavender. Amethyst crystals, Frankincense EO.

Apply it before meditation, yoga practice or right before bed. This oil works with our Crown Chakra & Third Eye.


Chumash recipe by healer Cecilia Garcia.

Pain medicine for external use of arthritis, broken                bones, cancer or any other pain in the body.

Flower Essences

& Crystal Elixir 

Uplifts your heart and spirit, helps you open up to love.

Great for transitions times.

Red Rose, Rose Quartz, Glycerin & Spring Water

Sacred Smudge Kits

Blessing Herbs for different purposes..Harmony, love cleansing, protection...

This kit contains:

Large abalone shell, sacred herbs of your preference & charcoal  


Body Butter

Shea, Cacao & Body Butters. Almond EO, Coconut & Jojoba Oil.

Soul Mate

Find your Soulmate or raise the vibration between you and your partner. 

Rose quartz, rose petals, apricot oil & rose EO.  This oil, comes with a mantra to recite while applying it.                                                                                        


Bring abundance to all aspects of your life. Recite the mantra with the respective mudra, while applying oil.

Bayberry & Rosemary EO, Apricot Oil, Chamomile, Cloves, Ginger & Blue Sage.


Increase your intuition, keep your aura shield & raise your vibration.

Apricot Oil, Palo Santo EO

Fresh Lavender & Mugwort. Selenite & Lapis Lazuli Crystals.

Goddess Kit

_ Hand carved wood box 9x6" (made in India)

_"Soulmate" Oil

_ Red Rose Flower Essences

-Breast Oil

-Bath Salts

- Palo Santo, White Sage Bundle & Rose Quartz Point.


Light up your fire & start manifesting. 

Orange, Lemongrass & Ginger EO. Apricot Oil, fresh Saint John's Wort & Calendula. Citrine Crystals.