Antoinnette Chirinos

" When the roots are deep, there is no reason to fear the wind" - African Proverb

I met Antoinnette and felt an instant connection with her. She sends such a positive message to those around her and you can feel it being passed to you through her soul. I have had many one on one conversations with her and she is the only person who I have felt this connection with. It goes above and beyond. She came to my best friends Bachelorette party and we started our morning with an Angel card Reading. It left all of the girls in tears and really guided us on our path. Antoinnette, thank you for sharing your gift with the world you have changed my life in more ways than one and I am looking forward to my future. Thank you for giving me strength, love you!!

I had met Antoinnette a few years ago and knew she was a healer and I loved her vibration. Things were not going well in my life and one day after about a year and half later after meeting her I just got a random thought about her and so I messaged her and we set up a session. She literally changed my life. I had so much negative and stagnate energy in my life at that time that she set me free and I have been soaring ever since that first energy healing session. She is the most honest, caring, and intuitive soul I have even meet and I am always recommending her to my family and friends whom have all had positive and freeing experiences as well. She literally taught me to love myself!!!
Celia N Flores

Antoinnette walks her talk. She lives a mindful spiritual compassionate lifestyle and it really shows in everything she does. She exudes this uplifting quality and you can feel the love and meticulous care she puts into all the earth medicine she creates. Even her presence is up-lifting. I love how everything she crafts is imbued with the energy of the moon and that she meditates to connect with the spirits of the plants to infuse the medicine with the utmost healing energy possible. I have tried everything from her sprays to her teas and I love them all but I would like to share my experience with her detox tea. I went on her detox tea program and I experienced more alignment with who I truly am. It was a catalyst for so much personal growth and I am in such a better place now. I am so grateful to Antoinnette for sharing with us all these beautiful healing gifts.


I've had wonderful experiences with Antoinette's products. These high quality gems help me attune myself to the vibrations I am looking for. Last week I had the honor to participate in a tea ceremony with her. She created a loving, safe space where I was able to receive powerful messages from sacred plants. Thank you Antoinette for sharing your much needed gifts with the world.


Antoinnette led a powerful tea meditation circle for Winter Solstice and I feel wonderful. I had an amazing experience that left me feeling lighter and more certain. I cannot wait to learn more from this beautiful and wise goddess!
Heather Sweeney

I feel in love with Antoinette's energy from the first time I met her! She was someone I could truly be myself around and could open up to about anything. She worked her magic and made me some wonderful products that have been supporting me in my growth. I was already amazed by the quality of her products but then she really blew me away with her healing energy session! I felt so much more balanced and steady in my truth after our session together! It was so wonderful that I met with her again and she took me through a healing journey teaching me how to meditate with tea. So blessed to know this angel! I will certainly be going back for more!


I had been wanting to do a cleansing for a while, but I hadn't found someone that I felt a connection with and then Antoinette appeared. What a beautiful soul! She performed a spiritual cleansing on me. She gave me just what I needed to continue my spiritual journey. I am forever grateful!


Antoinette did a cleansing for me, she was gracious enough to come to my

home and safe the house. It was an amazing experience that left me in a

calm state of mind and so peaceful.

This was a great experience and I am so glad that I did this spiritual cleansing!!! Antoinette is an amazing spirit.

Jennifer West